After Google merged Google Maps and Google Local in 2006, Google’s route planner, Google Directions was born. Entering Google Maps and clicking “Get Directions” now allows users access the route planner and the ability to start arranging a route from one position to their destination.

By entering the data in the relevant field, it will show the selected route on a Google Map for reference. Google Directions will then suggest a number of paths under the “Suggested Routes” heading; sorted by, the time it would take until arrival at that destination, and detailing the distance, in miles or kilometres. Consumers can even include journeys via other waypoints with ease by simply utilising the option, “Add Destination”.

With Google Directions, the route on the map can even be dragged around to customize a journey. It gives different information depending on the user’s preferred mode of transport which can be selected from four methods: public transport, car, cycling or by foot.

a male hand holding a modern colorful touchpad gps tablet with directions

Most countries are included in Google directions and some journeys can be planned which across country borders.

If for any reason, there is an error on the map; Google Directions has a “Did You Mean…?” option as it does for Google Search. Most countries are included on Google Directions and in some cases, journeys can be planned which cross country borders.

By itemising the fastest routes and showing the best method of travel for a particular journey and even the average petrol cost for that trip, Google Directions promotes a more economical way of travelling thus making a significant effort to decrease its user’s carbon footprint.

Google has now become a one-stop shop for all your destination needs. You can now look up a place in Google Search, view pictures of that place in Google Images, watch videos in YouTube, read news articles on it and now, with Google Directions, find the best way to get there from your own front door to that place.

And even email your friends to arrange to meet there with Gmail.

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