Google Earth

Google Earth is one of the services provided by Google Inc. Its currently the leading source of information on satellite imagery of most of the Earth’s surface, as well as images from outer space. It provides geographical information to millions of people around the world. Google Earth, acquired by Google Inc in 2004, is a free service to most users. However, there is a Google Earth pro service intended for commercial use at a yearly fee.

There are quite a number of features of Google Earth that has made it the number one tool to find any location and information of that location on any part of Earth. Firstly, it can be accessed over both desktop and mobile internet enabled devices, meaning accessibility is quite easy.

Google Earth has features such as street view, which enables you to view places on the Earth in sort of a virtual tour. Street view was developed through taking actual images of cities and buildings on the ground. 3D tours of forests and trees are also another feature of Google Earth. You can enjoy historical imagery, search for places all over the world, and explore outer space as well. Partnering with NASA, you can explore images from the outer space, tour mars, the moon, and the sky.

Planet Earth

Google Earth has had a massive impact on various sectors of industry and business.

Google Earth has had a massive impact on various sectors of industry and business. Updated images of areas of the Earth that have undergone widespread disasters can be viewed through the Google map. There is also widespread use if the service in schools today when teaching children about various places on the Earth.

And, undoubtedly, the most widespread use of the service is finding your way around through Google maps navigation features. You can locate street names, places, restaurants, ATMs, and petrol stations around your location easily. With this service, you can even plan a tour for your holiday based on various locations around your destination.

Google Earth services have also come as a great help to many websites in customizing location services for their users.

The Google maps feature also commonly used in guiding clients to business locations.

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