Street View

Google Street View is a revolutionary resource that provides you with a panoramic three-dimensional view of virtually anywhere in the world. Launched on May 25, 2007 in several cities in the United States, it has since expanded to incorporate major streets and landmarks in more than 48 countries.

Integrated with Google Map, Street View enables you to zoom in and examine entire cities and communities. Local drivers with cameras mounted on their cars provide  panoramic photos of cities and streets in Street View. People on bicycles and snowmobiles map locations that cars cannot travel to for Street View.

Street View is a robust tool enabling you to view locations that you haven’t visited, and obtain directions to help you reach your destination.When you are able to see a location before leaving your home, travelling in an unfamiliar city becomes significantly less intimidating. Viewing and checking out hotels, restaurants, and attractions, along with their locations beforehand ensures that you will have an enjoyable stay, regardless of your destination.

Street view of Venice in Italy

Integrated with Google Map, Street View enables you to zoom in and examine entire cities and communities.

With regard to local searches, Street View makes it simpler to navigate streets and roadways. Arriving for job interviews punctually is hassle-free when you’re able to map out the location of the interview, and the easiest ways to get there. The same holds true if you’re searching for a new home.

Street View allows you to view the prior condition of houses and apartment buildings as well as to view the neighborhood. Through viewing these locations in advance and taking a virtual stroll through the community, you can effortlessly find exactly where you’re heading and discount areas that you don’t desire to reside in.

Additionally, Street View is an excellent resource for locating parking in places that you are not acquainted with, as well as for writers to use when coming up with settings for their stories. Educators can also make fantastic utilization of Street View in geography courses.

More effective than any textbook, Street View makes it possible for students to experience the city or country of their studies.

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